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St. Stephen's Prayer Chain

St. Stephen's family has been blessed this past year by the faithful members of the Prayer Chain. They pray regularly for all the needs that have been presented to them, as well as for Fr. Terry, our vestry, and our church family. We believe that we are drawn closer as a family,and strengthened in our common ministry through our daily prayers and the prayers of those on the Prayer Chain.

There are many members of St. Stephens's who are committed to prayer for the concerns given to Fr. Terry or Debra DeGroot. Each month a prayer list is sent to each member, and each Sunday the list is encorporated into the prayers of the people during our worship services. These concerns are lifted to the Lord daily. We in turn have witnessed many answered prayers and add those thanksgivings to our daily prayers.

If you are not presently a member of our Prayer Chain and would like to be, just call Debra DeGroot at 408 893 9681 or send her an email with your request to join the prayer chain. Anyone who wishes to join is welcome, and any new concerns may be added at any time. To Ask for Prayer, please fill out our prayer request form or call or send email to Debra.

St. Stephen's Episcopal Church
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