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What Can I Help With? What Interests Me? Where Do I Belong?

Our church is not a place for spectators. It is a place for team members. Whether a five-year old child, a seventy-year old grandmother, a busy mom, or a businessman with duties, we would like you to become a part of our church’s community. Here are ministries where you can learn, serve, and grow at this church. We will help you find a place to belong. What are you interested in? Where could you fit? What talent would you like to develop?

Altar & Flowers Ministry (Altar Guild)

Prepare altar and altar table for various aspects of worship.


Bible Study Ministry

Weekly according to the Lectionary calendar. Meet once a week on Wednesday morning. See


Building & Grounds Ministry (handyman; landscaping; gardening)

From routine maintenance to massive building alteration. Cleaning. Safety. Landscaping. Current projects need funding: new roof; air conditioning in offices and parish hall.


Cross Motorcycle Club Ministry

Men who seek to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives. Their mission is to reach out in Christ-centered love to the lost, disciple the saved, and send the disciple into outreach ministry. Providing prayer, Christian counseling, and a respectful, non-judgmental, credible Christian presence within the motorcycle community. For members and their families.
Father Terry, (408) 310-9648.


Healing Ministry

Anointing, laying on of hands, and prayers by lay and ordained ministers. Healing was an important part of Jesus’ ministry. God heals through spiritual, physical, and psychological means using medicine, surgery, doctors, therapists, and touch and prayers. Meet weekly at 12 Noon on Wednesdays.


Hospitality Ministry

Inviting, greeting, incorporating newcomers. Provide welcoming environment. Includes greeters.


Kids & Teens Ministry

Organize Sharefaith® Kids program. Sharefaith® Sunday school; Bible Videos for Kids; Vacation Bible.


Kitchen Ministry

Hospitality through food. Use, keep clean, and maintain equipment.


Lay Eucharist Ministry (LEM)

Lay-persons authorized to administer consecrated elements of the Eucharist, acting under oversight of clergy.


Marketing, Publicity & Advertising Ministry

Humbly and intelligently apply commercial marketing strategies based on clear vision. Evangelism in print.


Men’s Fellowship Ministry

Help men connect with God. Meet twice a month on Saturday mornings.


Music Ministry

Curate playlists so parishioners can learn songs weeks ahead.


Newsletter “Stones” Ministry

Need writers.


Office Manager Ministry

Organize the office. Answer phones. Schedule appointments. Respond to inquiries. Mail packets.


Pastoral Care Ministry

Caring. Hospital visitation, counseling, shared presence, listening, and support. Chronically ill; physiologically wounded; undergoing spiritual trauma; grief.


Prayer Ministry

Through which God’s power flows. Power of prayer; its importance in maintaining healthy personal relationship with God.


Prison Ministry

Work with inter-religious groups and government officials to assist inmates and their families.


Resource Center Ministry

Local outreach aid to the needy.


Social Media & Video Ministry

Evangelism through digital means, particular involving teens and young adults. Video production.


Volunteer Coordinator Ministry

Lay-led community. Organize/coordinate lay volunteers. Based on interest, talent, expertise, and time. Some opportunities are one-time only, others are on-going.


Website Ministry

Based on We use WordPress. Need writers, historians, poets, storytellers, essayists, photographers, etc. Graphic design and web development by Laura.


Women’s Ministry

Collaborate with local women’s organizations and groups within and outside the church. Gender justice.